Aimee Lindeque

Aimee Lindeque was born on a farm in Mpumalanga, South Africa. The unique beauty of the Lowveld's vegetation and landscape is a constant influence in her work and she still travels home frequently for inspiration. She attended Nelspruit’s Penryn college where teachers would reprimand her for doodling all over her exercise books. In high-school, she cemented her love for art, winning the art prize upon matriculation. In 2014, she moved to Cape Town to study Fine Art at Michaelis UCT. She majored in Sculpture and Art History. After receiving her Bachelors of Fine Art, Aimee opened her own studio and began working as a full-time artist in Cape Town. Her artistic practice has been growing steadily since graduation and she currently produces highly-detailed paintings, drawings and artist prints.

Aimee exhibited at the White River Gallery in the group exhibition, "Diaspora" at the end of 2020. 

"I am from the Lowveld and still see it as my second home. What I took from the area is an appreciation for the details in nature. For the diaspora exhibition I focused on my fascination with trees. Growing up in an area where there are so many interesting indigenous trees, I was always fascinated by their textures and presence. Now as I live in Cape Town I can see the tiny details that are changed and shaped by a tree's environment. Almost none of the trees in Cape Town are indigenous, the harsh wind shapes them in odd ways and the city that is built around them governs the way they grow. You can tell quite a bit about an area based on the trees that grow there and this appreciation for them came from seeing the free growing trees in the lowveld. They are a bit like small journal entries in a travel log, always looking at everything through the lowveld lens." - Aimee Lindeque

1995 -
Nationality: South African
Residence: Cape Town