John Moore

John is a Master Printmaker who was schooled at St John's College, Johannesburg. He qualified with a Higher Diploma in Printmaking from the Witwatersrand Technikon with distinctions in printmaking and sculpture. In 1996, John completed an art teachers training course in 1996, enabling his role as an educator at numerous primary, secondary and tertiary levels. 

John has participated in both solo and group exhibitions in South Africa as well as in London, Barcelona, Chicago, Tallahassee, Pennsylvania, France and Germany. Halifax Art and the White River Gallery have collectively hosted three solo exhibitions for John in the past 5 years.

Furthering a number of humanitarian causes, John has donated many of his works for charities such as Lifeline, Red Nose Day, Nelson Mandela Children's Fund, AIDS Foundation and the Rhino Foundation. In addition, John has devoted time and energy to teaching art to previously disadvantaged children. In 2018, The White River Gallery hosted a solo exhibition entitled, "Nurturing Nature." 

John has two daughters, who continue to inspire him and open his eyes up to a new way of seeing and being.

"If there was a motto for my life it would be "life is art or art is life", there is not one moment where I am not open to inspiration finding its way to me. There is no "off" switch to source, and therefore no off switch to the millions of stimuli I see each day, all this allows me in me finding ways to create source material for my images. Books, movies, slogans, music, lyrics and dream imagery all allow me to weave my material into the world I live. My main emphasis is nature and its infinite beauty. When I am in nature, I am truly home."

"There is a magical moment when a thought is nothing but a space existing in your mind. As an artist it is your duty to allow that thought to become into existence." - John Moore

1972 -
Nationality: South African
Residence: Johannesburg